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Samsung Vacuum Cleaner 2000 Watt 2.5L VC20M2510WB / GT

  • EGP1,842.00

Samsung Vacuum Cleaner 2000 Watt 2.5L VC20M2510WB / GT


Brand Samsung
Reference: VC20M2510WB / GT
Color Blue
Dust collection
Bag bag
Dust capacity is 2.5 liters
Maximum power consumption is 2000 watts
Noise level 83 dB
Suction power 450 watts
Power control of the variable body
Cosmo blue
Rubber wheel Yes
a brush
Home (two steps)
Convenience feature
Auto Rewind Cord Yes
Filter Check Yes
Exhaust Purifier Yes
Before the engine yes
Pipe Type ST
360 Swivel Hose Yes
Power cord length 6 m
Working radius 9.2 m
Dimension (WxHxD) 280x246x390 mm
Weight 4.3 kg
Gross weight 6.9 kg

Greater suction power *
Would you like to get a vacuum cleaner that can handle heavy tasks without having to move it? The Samsung Canister VC2500 Vacuum Bag is lightweight and easy to handle. In addition, its powerful suction capability will ensure that carpets, rugs and hard floors are thoroughly and intensively cleaned.

EZ Clean Cyclone filter
The unique EZClean Cyclone filter separates large dust particles using centrifugal forces. As the dust bag collects only fine dust, the suction power will last up to 4 times longer than the traditional Samsung vacuum cleaner * before cleaning the bag, saving on the cost of replacing dust bags.
With the filter on the handle, it is easy to know how much dust is collected, and how full the EZClean Cyclone filter is. To empty it, just pull the stick, take out the filter and empty it so that your hands don't get dirty.

Easy grip handle *
The easy-to-grip handle and the ergonomic non-slip design gives you a more compact and comfortable grip. You can easily control the movement of the vacuum cleaner without straining your hands. The handle can be wrapped, so that the hose is not tangled at all.

Appendix 2 in 1
The easy-to-access 2-in-1 accessory is placed under the handle, so it is easy to access when you want to clean furniture or small hard-to-reach places.

Purify the atmosphere of allergens
Enjoy purer air with allergen purification, which has been shown to reduce the amount of fine dust and allergens infiltrating your home.

Safety slot
What is worse than cleaning without putting a dust bag? The safety slot ensures that you do not have to worry about forgetting the dust bag, as it cannot be closed without a dust bag inside. When empty, the dust bag holder simply prevents the lid from closing.

360º full cycle hose
The 360º hose can rotate a full cycle at its base, allowing it to move freely in any direction without being twisted or tangled. So you can move and change direction freely and effectively.

Large rubber wheels
The large rubber wheels help the vacuum cleaner move smoothly and steadily throughout the house without scratching the floor.

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